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Text The Maradona of the 21st Century is not Lionel Messi The most common and in fact only real comparison ever made between 2 great footballers of different eras is that of Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi. With a strength and speed that belies their stature, combined with extraordinary close control, they beat defenders at a rate that noone has matched.

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But since then, the differences between the two players careers have grew and grew. Messi has so far spent over 50 de kilograme pierdere în greutate years at one football club, Maradona represented 6 across 7 different spells. Leo though only 33, has already scored well over twice as many career goals as Maradona, and has appeared in well over more senior matches.

Messi has scored over 30 goals for his club in 13 consecutive seasons, Maradona only scored over 20 goals twice in Europe. Maradona has lifted the World Cup whereas Messi has never won a senior international trophy and Messi has scored over twice as many goals for Argentina, with over 50 more caps so far. Simply put, they have had very different careers and lived very different lifestyles.

I feel greater similarities are to be found between Maradona and another 21st century footballer, who also wore the number 10 shirt for Barcelona, Ronaldinho. Maradona and Ronaldinho both spent 10 seasons in Europe, played for 3 European Clubs, and spent 2 seasons at their first European club.

They played by far the best and most consistent football of their career and reached their highest highs at their 2nd European club. Here both men won 5 major honours, including 2 league titles and a European trophy. Both won the World Cup with a knockout stage win over Belgium, a Quarter-Final win over England, and beat Germany in the final.

Both also scored goals in the Quarter-Final which were the best remembered of the tournament and highly embarrassed the England goalkeeper. Here are some stats which highlight some more similarities in their respective careers: Club trophies won: Maradona 9, Ronaldinho Number of Clubs: Maradona 6 in 7 spellsRonaldinho 8.

International caps: Maradona 91, Ronaldinho International goals: Maradona 34, Ronaldinho Competitive Internationals: Maradona 46, Ronaldinho Goals in Competitive internationals: Maradona 17, Ronaldinho Total senior goals: MaradonaRonaldinho As Players 86 onemy beauty slimming center was a classic Number 10, a creative playmaker operating from a free role either as an attacking midfielder or a 2nd striker.

His game was renowned for his dribbling which due to his low centre of gravity, stocky physique, acceleration, quick feet, close control, agility and his ability to quickly change direction made him extremely difficult to stop.

Ronaldinho also could operate as a Number 10, playing in a free central role as an attacking 86 onemy beauty slimming center, though he could also be deployed on either wing to devastating effect.

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Ronaldinho was an extremely effective playmaker as like Maradona he possessed outstanding vision and creativty with great passing ability. He was also a world class dribbler with underrated pace and acceleration, aswell as athleticism, balance and ball control allowing him to take on opponents.

He was one of the most effective ever 1 v 1 at beating players with his tricks, feints, stepovers, nutmegs, aswell as sheer unpredictability making him extremely challenging to handle. Ronaldinho was also known for his technical skills, flair, creativity and touch. Maradona and Ronaldinho are the most skillful players to ever reach the top of the game. More so than anyone else who has become the number 1 player on the planet, they were freestyle footballers.

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Only Ronaldinho himself could cast a similar spell over the ball, Diego seemed to be almost at one with it, manipulating it in any way he wanted. Whether doing keepy-ups with his shoulders, head, heel or slices as naturally as other players do them with their feet, Maradona had an artists understanding with the ball.

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rata de pierdere în greutate sănătoasă kg And not just footballs either, his feet could do whatever he wished with golf balls, rolled up socks, anything he could make resemble a football he juggled with.

Just throw them a ball. Lionel though brilliant to watch is nowhere near as flashy, applying skills only when absolutely necessary. For Ronaldinho however, skills always felt necessary. Like Maradona, Ronaldinho was always worth watching before a game had even kicked off. And in training he was capable of getting his teammates to stop dead in their tracks and just stand around watching him perform his skills.

Benzema managed 5, Lewandowski 7, Xavi 8 and Ronaldinho. There was still plenty of very good performances afterwards for AC Milan, Flamengo and Atletico Mineiro, where he thrilled the supporters with his quality. Maradona was in many ways an individualist, for example he had his own fitness coach and his own doctors, never using the doctors employed by his club side or national team, but he was also very much a team player. A technical leader, he was loved by his teammates because he took all the pressure, all the attention on his shoulders, freeing the team 86 onemy beauty slimming center to go out and play without burden.

When Ronaldinho was at the peak of his powers, a 86 onemy beauty slimming center old Argentine came to his attention. Here he saw a player he knew could be something special. Ronaldinho became a sort of big brother figure to Messi from that point on, helping him as much as possible.

For an introverted young kid to have the best player in the World take such a care and interest in him, must have been a tremendous boost. Beginning Diego Armando Maradona was born October 30, in Buenos Aires, Argentina and was raised in the Villa Fiorito shantytown, on the outskirts of the capital city.

His love of football came very early, when he was given a ball as his first toy at 3 years old, and slept hugging it all night. Growing up in a shack without water or electricity, when Maradona joined the Argentinos Juniors youth team at just 8 years old he and his parents 86 onemy beauty slimming center realised that their only way out of this hardship was for Diego to make it as a footballer. He already 86 onemy beauty slimming center with an ability way beyond his years and small, skinny physique quickly beginning to garner attention.

As a ballboy for Argentinos Juniors 1st team games, he would go on to the pitch at half time and entertain the crowds with his skills and tricks, aswell as an extraordinary acceleration when dribbling the ball.

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Let him stay! They already recognised him as the only player they had who could raise serious funds in the future, and in the meantime would be able to improve the team. He was promoted to the first team aged He lived in a wooden house in the middle of a favela, until his brother Roberto 8 years his senior, was gifted a home in a more affluent area by Gremio in an effort to get him to stay with the club and reject the interest of Italian club Torino.

Tragedy would soon strike for Roberto and his younger brother however, when Roberto returned to the house to celebrate his 18th birthday only to find his father drowned in the family swimming pool.

From a young age Roberto would train his younger brother in one-on-one football sessions, after noticing he too had a real talent for the game. This took all the fun out of it for me, and at that age it made me very angry.

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I cried. But later I understood what he wanted. Roberto suffered a serious injury and was let go by Gremio. He moved to FC Sion in Switzerland and with his older brother and father figure since the passing of his Dad now living far away, Ronaldo felt an increased urgency and responsibility to step up and make it as a footballer to help the family financially.

He had learned alot from his big brother, who despite being prevented from fulfilling his potential due to injury was still able to etch out a career in football, with a journeyman career making appearances for many sides including Vasco De Gama, Fluimenese and Sporting Lisbon.

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Ronaldo played Futsal and Beach Football aswell as a-side football and all this honed his ball control and skills. After starring at the Under 17 World Cup, Ronaldinho followed in his big brothers 86 onemy beauty slimming center by signing for Gremio. Maradona and Ronaldinho both had their youthful innocence cut short and were forced to see Football as more than fun but as a way out of their hardships at a very young age.

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As a mere child Maradona had all his families hopes pinned on him for a way out of extreme poverty and Ronaldinho experienced the hardships of life early too with the death of his father and career damaging injury to his brother. But despite all the 86 onemy beauty slimming center pressure and aswell the huge demand they put on themselves to succeed for their families, their pure love for football never wavered.

Starting Out Maradona made his first-team debut for Argentinos 10 days before his 16th Birthday.

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A few minutes after entering the pitch, he nutmegged an opponent. It was the first time he played a full 90 minutes in the first-team and he did pierderea în greutate folosind fenugreek with all the confidence of a player who had been playing top-class football for at least six years. In his final season they finished 2nd top. He scored goals in appearences, including a Messi-esque 69 in 71 in his last 2 seasons.

Maradona was now too big and too good for the team, and it was time for Argentinos Juniors to get the big payday they hoped years of nurturing this talent would get them.

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Maradona scored 28 goals in 40 games for the club, including a memorable goal in his first Superclasico at La Bombanera stadium against River Plate. The season brought him his first trophy in senior 86 onemy beauty slimming center, when Boca secured the Metropolitano Championship, the clubs first title for 5 years, by a single point.

They had finished 6th in the competition the year before Diego joined.

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Ronaldinho made his debut for Gremio inand by his 2nd season the teenager was already showing himself pierde mesele de așteptare în greutate one of the top Brazilian players in the world. Ronaldinho scored 58 goals in appearances for Gremio, 52 in 87 excluding his debut season and 28 in 37 in his last full season.

This was enough to convince Paris St. Germain câte mile pierd greutatea spend 5 million Euros to bring him to the French Capital.

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Maradona and Ronaldinho both began their professional careers for their local sides, neither club the most glamorous or prestigious of their country, but both rapidly stood out with their performances. In Argentina had won the World Cup with just one player playing outside of Argentina, and coach Menotti had warned Maradona that Argentina fans would not accept him leaving to play his domestic football in Europe, he did not join a European club until his 7th season.

Maradona played games in the country of his birth before joining FC Barcelona for a then world record fee of £5 Million pounds.

The free-spirit of Diego quickly found the atmosphere of Barcelona oppressive, he felt the cold, calculated stuffed shirts of the Barca boardroom looked down on him as a naive, uneducated outsider. Maradona was used to getting his way in Argentina, and was not a man who could easily accept authority over his life.

Whilst Barcelona as an institution were not a club willing to bend for one man, no matter how talented he was with a football. The early signs on the pitch however, were promising. The team received a standing ovation leaving the pitch away to Red Star Belgrade in the Cup Winners Cup, after a victory with 2 goals each for Maradona and fellow foreign star signing Bernd Schuster.

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It was hoped by the Barcelona hierarchy that this would be the man to bring the best out of Maradona. It was also during this time in Barcelona that Maradona first began taking cocaine, and though he was able to keep this a secret from Barca, some reports of his activities including regular house parties into the early hours with prostitutes in attendance did make it back to an increasingly exasperated board.

The team were able to capture the trophy however, beating Real with a 90th minute winner, 86 onemy beauty slimming center a game both Maradona and Schuster ran. It had been a turbulent debut season however to say the least, the team had finished 4th behind Athletic Bilbao, Spanish champions for the first time in 27 years, and the two Madrid clubs.

Maradona scored 23 goals in 35 appearances but injuries and illness had limited him to just 20 league games and 11 goals. The stage was set for a series of violent matches to take place between the sides that season. Menotti demanded Goikoetxea be banned for life, as it was he was hit with a game ban instead. This came as little consolation for Maradona who had long complained about the harsh treatment he received from defenders in Spain due to little protection from referees.